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Archive of personal work. I enjoy using video as a format for story, memory, and expression.

NTS 2021 FW011

Steve Jobs on Focus

NTS 2020 SS004

Air Jordan's artistry.

NTS 2020 SS001

Swizz Beatz on minding your energy.

NTS 2020 FW011

Marshawn Lynch on how he was raised

NTS 2020 FW010

Kobe Hero Villian

NTS 2020 FW006

What Does it Do For My People?...

NTS 2020 FW005

There are two words...

NTS 2020 FW004

Steve Jobs on commitment.

NTS 2020 FW003

Andre 3000 & Rick Rubin contemplate

NTS 2020 FW002

Visiting Barragan's Caudra San Cristobal

NTS 2020 FW001

Visitng El Pedregal and Casa Prieto Lopez

NTS 2019 FW004

2019 · FW004

NTS 2019 FW003

2019 · FW003

NTS 2019 FW002

2019 · FW002

NTS 2019 FW001

2019 · FW001


What the voice in your head says

Moving Images: Muralla Roja

Visit to Ricardo Bofill's Muralla Roja. Calpe, Spain

Field Note: Watching Virgil for LV

Dots connecting...

Learning from Nature

Audio: Victor Wooten on Learning from Nature · Visual: Ricardo Bofill's Muralla Roja

Field Notes: Pigalle

Location: Pigalle, Paris, France. Found myself in conversation w/ a thoughtful lady from London.

Women's March

Visuals: Oakland, CA | Audio: @aliciakeys & @9thwonder | Sign Lettering: @Twitter community

Lighthouse Sailing

Friend asked to "like" their Facebook Business page. Made and posted this on there instead.

Watch The Throne

Golden State Warriors, NBA Playoffs 2016 Hype. Audio via Stephen A. Smith.


That time we started our hike to the campsite at 9pm. Hatchets were most necessary.

My Lovely One

When—on a week's notice—mom flies to meet you in Puerto Rico.

The Town

Golden State Warriors, NBA Playoffs 2015 Hype. Audio via Hulk Hogan @ Roaracle.

The American Dream

"If you haven't found it yet..." Visuals from catamaraning in Croatia



How To have a great day in Stockholm

~In My Opinion~

Language Lesson

Swedish words in context

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