Software Design & Development, Interaction Design, Product Management, Human Interface Design, User Research, Visual Design, Art Direction

Founding designer for an innovative platform to track, manage, and procure HVAC for commercial real estate. Y Combinator S14.

As Ravti’s founding designer, my days included a wide range of duties. Product strategy, mapping decision trees, structuring sales decks, composing UI's; anything product-oriented or customer-facing passed across my desk. I led and managed a variety of projects, continuously steering the balance between functionality, usability, and aesthetics.

We used customer collaboration and prototyping as a competitive weapon. By including customers in the design process, we were able to approach the market in a way that built trust and a shared language of understanding.

With our team split across EST and PST timezones, "playbook" documentation was key in crystalizing cross-functional alignment.

Design accountability ranged from ethnographic research, to "crazy eights" sketch sessions, to front-end interface implementations. I designed and prototyped both classically and computationally. Sketch, code, and questions were most often the tools employed to test concepts.

Translating hypotheses through a cycle of observe→prototype→test, we were able to rapidly iterate. This continuous cycle of data and feedback from customers led us to winning product narratives.

I’m proud to say (during my time at Ravti), a customer never cancelled their subscription. Not once.

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  • CompanyRavti
  • SectorTechnology, Real Estate, Enterprise
  • Year2014–2017
  • DisciplinesUX/UI design, Prototyping, Visual design, User research, Usability testing, Front-end development, Product management
Ravti KPI performance
Ravti KPI performance
Ravti Presentation at Cannes France
Ravti Presentation at Cannes France
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